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Parking Garages

Many people know them as precast parking garages and parking structures, which is structured parking made of precast concrete components. This is is the leading choice for designers in the United States for many reasons, but most importantly for the speed of construction, economy, and low life cycle costs. At the core of every NAPCO Precast parking structure is the 13' wide double tee. Our quality manufactured double tees provide a smoother driving surface for your customers, while adding opportunities for improved lighting and reducing maintenance.

We work hard to help you design your precast parking structures that will meet your design, budget costs, and schedule requirements. Many of the parking structures we do are above ground parking structures with large bays for better parking efficiency; requiring fewer precast components which in turn reduces costs and erection time. We also provide architectural precast components for our precast parking structures with a variety architectural options like brick inlays, rock inlays, along with many other textures and coloring options.

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