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Glade Park
Glade Park - Commercial Precast
NAPCO Precast is considered an industry leader and innovator throughout the state of Texas.

Formerly North America Precast Company, named because of its production facility in San Antonio, Texas and its drafting and engineering departments in both the United States and Mexico, NAPCO was established in 1995 by Jaime Iragorri - along with key employees such as Jay Miller and Larry Hammer.

Mr. Iragorri, one of the pioneers in the precast concrete industry, was responsible for building and running seven precast concrete facilities throughout the United States, including the largest precast plant in North America (and second largest in the world). He has also been credited with the creation of the 12’-wide double tee, the horizontal lite wall system, the vertical vista wall, the introduction of the pre-topped double tee in Texas; and the creation of the 5’-0” x 13” pilaster column.

  • Create market niches through innovative products; and create building systems that dramatically reduce the construction time of a project.
  • Create long-term relationships by working directly with owners, developers, architects and engineers by providing superior service and innovative solutions for the needs of our clients.
  • Do all of this by bringing together some of the best people in their field.

Serving the midwest United States, from Texas to Kansas.

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It's more than just precast concrete.

A Legacy of Precast

TCU Stadium
TCU Stadium

NAPCO made its initial mark in the insulated wall panel market with the introduction of the 2-2-2 panel. Competing head-to-head against CMU and blown insulation, we provide a panel with almost three times the net R-Value of CMU and blown insulation; and a reduction in erection time of approximately 80%. As a result, NAPCO built over 20 grocery stores for HEB and Fiesta in a matter of a few years. Since then we continue building insulted walls with various finishes for dorms, barracks, and industrial buildings - including 50’ tall, load-bearing, sand blasted, insulated walls.

We have also built precast hotels to compete directly against block and plank structures. Two seven-story AmeriSuites hotels we completed in 31 and 29 days respectively. As a result over three months were saved on the overall construction time of the project versus block and plank – resulting in three months of additional revenue for these hotels.

While building tens of millions of square feet of garages throughout Texas, NAPCO is best known for helping to create and promote the ‘Texas Doughnut’ - parking garages specifically designed for high-density, multi-family projects. Originally competing against Cast-In-Place concrete; we quickly proved the advantage of precast concrete parking garages – quality, versatility, and speed. By closely working with developers and architects, we collaborate to design each and every garage on an individual basis, finding the best solutions for the needs of our client. Garage systems that include pre-topped tees and pilasters rather than columns, we are able to reduce the overall cost of the garage by minimizing the overall square footage of precast.

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Today, with President Todd Davidson and Vice President Jorge Londono, P.E. leading the company, NAPCO Precast LLC is expanding its portfolio and additional product lines. The introduction of the 13’-6” field topped double tee system allows us to use many of the same design parameters of a cast-in-place design, while dramatically reducing the overall construction time of a non-precast garage. And with the addition of hollow core for hotels to the introduction of the Quad Tee for offices and podium systems, we are poised to lead the market for the next twenty years.

Industry Certifications

Precast Concrete Manufacturers' Association of Texas

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute

American Subcontractors Association

Associated General Contractors of America

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