We help you put all the pieces together.

Mixed Use Precast Solutions

With any type of construction project, there are always complexities involved - especially when designing and building mixed-use projects. Our team has the knowledge and industry experience to provide assistance when these unique challenges and special design requirements are encountered. If your project requires a parking garage, combined with residential, retail, medical, office, or any kind of other construction - we can help you bring it all together.

Our engineered precast, prestressed concrete components accommodate heavy loads, long spans, high headspace, and architectural aesthetics. By integrating a extensive selection of architectural finishes, we can help you bring beautiful aesthetics to multipurpose structures. Our experience in the industry brings priceless knowledge to your project, saving you both time and money.

As with any project, NAPCO approaches you project with solutions that, many times, reduces the construction timeline without the need to incure extra costs due to needing a fast-track schedule. What does this mean to you? It means opening doors, filling occupancy, and making sales start even earlier than projected.

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